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You cannot fall out of God's care

Christian Science & the power of healing prayer


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In the beginning of the year, I began landscaping work on my sister’s house, concentrating on the trees and bushes which needed pruning.  Usually I need to use a ladder to prune the tops.  As I work with them, I think to myself that the trees will embrace me as I am embracing them, in my thought. 

There was a moment, as I worked on one of the trees, that I had to place the ladder in a way that was not completely safe.  As I climbed up, I continued with the same thought that the trees embraced me as I embraced them, mentally.  I worked and worked without care or worry about the placement of the ladder until I turned my head around, at which time the ladder slipped away from me.

I fell to the ground, landing on my back on top of bricks placed so that the edges jutted up.  My head and neck did not touch the edges of the bricks.  However, from my shoulders down to my waist the pain was extremely intense.  I did not yell for help as I did not want to frighten anyone.  The first thing I tried to do was to get up, but I felt as though I could not breathe.  I stayed on the ground, while knowing that it is impossible to fall out of God’s care.  I tried again to get up and to breathe, which I was then able to do.

I began picking up all the branches and cleaning the patio, although it was very uncomfortable.  The pain was quite sharp, and I was declaring truths as I could remember them, but felt I needed someone to help me.  In about an hour I was able to contact a Christian Science practitioner and describe the fall.  Immediately he spoke to me about Psalm 139, verse 7, which asks, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence?”  I understood that I could not fall out of the presence of my Father-Mother God, Spirit.  This is always the only truth, in every circumstance.  For a period of about three days it was difficult for me to get out of bed, I suffered from chills and fever, and deep breaths were quite painful.  I stayed with the studying of Psalm 139, together with the reading of Science and Health, and both were a source of constant comfort.

The time came, after two or three weeks of inspired study, that I was completely free of the back injury, and it was clear to me that God, Spirit, had healed me.  I had complete movement and was able to go back to accomplishing tasks I needed to do. I’m grateful that during this period, my sister and nephew, with whom I live, had no knowledge of the challenge I was facing.   They did not know there was any problem.  I prayed to God for the patience and humility and love to refrain from complaining, but rather to remain calm.

This testimony fills me with gratitude for the progress I have made in practicing Christian Science.
Ventura, CA

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