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Accidents are unknown to God - a Mary Baker Eddy Quote

I am grateful to have been a student of Christian Science my entire life. The healings I have experienced have thoroughly convinced me of the effectiveness of prayer to meet every human need.

Several years ago our family went on a camping trip with friends that included a bicycle ride along a hilly country road. Riding at a high rate of speed down a hill and around a curve, I lost control of the bicycle and found myself skidding along the pavement heading toward an oncoming car. It happened so quickly I did not have time to consciously pray about the situation; however, God’s protection is always in operation and I found myself on the side of the road somewhat battered and bruised but having missed the oncoming car.

I was scraped up badly, but the only major problem was what seemed to be a broken right forearm. My friend rode back to our camp and got my wife who came as quickly as she could to pick me up. On the way back to camp we were both praying to know that there were no accidents in God’s kingdom and that I had never fallen out of God’s care and protection. That night was spent in prayer, acknowledging the scientific fact that there are no accidents in God’s harmonious kingdom as stated in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy on page 424. The next morning before we were to go hiking, I called a Christian Science practitioner and left her a message as to what had happened and that I needed prayerful support. We spent most of that day hiking and I had no use of my right arm and carried it in a sling the entire day. I was holding firmly to the facts stated on page 468 of Science and Health as to the “Scientific Statement of Being.”  I reasoned that if there is “no life, truth, intelligence or substance in matter…” then I am completely spiritual and thus as a spiritual idea of God I reflect the harmony and completeness that are mine as God’s perfect idea.
That evening we broke camp, had dinner at a nearby restaurant and drove home. The next day, Sunday, I was sweeping out the garage with a fully functioning right arm that caused me no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

I am very grateful for this quick and permanent healing through complete reliance on the healing practice of Christian Science.

Ventura, CA  


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