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Healing prayer videos

Prayer That Heals
Speaker Series

View public talks on Christian Science that include amazing, verified healings of physical, emotional and financial problems, and more.  Prayer that Heals is based on The Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Christian Science religion was founded by Mary Baker Eddy who wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, first published in 1875.

Talks on healing prayer


Experiencing heaven now - Mary Bothwell

The kingdom of heaven is with us? Yes. We can feel the peace and safety of God's presence anytime, anywhere.



Moving past fear to healing - Lisa Troseth, Speaker

Fear can seem inevitable - part of who we are. But understanding God's all-embracing love can overcome fear, reveal peace, and move life forward.


Never to late to experience freedom

Patricia Woodard, Speaker

The promise of health and freedom - your God-given wholeness - can be yours today.

 Short talks


Giving freely - 20-minute talk

Melanie Wahlberg, Speaker

When we feel overwhelmed by life’s problems, we may want to try to get more from the world. But when we do the opposite we end up not lacking anything.


Love your enemies - 15-minute talk

Giulia Nesi Tetreau, Speaker

What makes us think we have enemies? Our differences don't need to divide us if we're understanding and living what the Bible calls agape love. 

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Members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship come from a wide variety of backgrounds and speak many different languages.  Find out more.  More video lectures at christianscience.com

Healers on Call 

You may call on Christian Science Practitioners for help. They devote their full time to helping others through prayer.  Locator

Testimonies of healing

View or read examples of verified healings that have come about through prayer. Testimonies of healing 

Testimony meetings

Come to group meetings where people share Bible-based healing ideas and examples of healing, Find a church near me.