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Sunday School & Youth Activities

Give your child the support and spiritual foundation they need to succeed in life. Get involved at your local church and support your student's spiritual learning through Sunday School.  Sign up for Christian Science publications, online resources and more for young adults, teens, pre-teens & children. 

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Sunday School & Bible study fellowship



You are invited to visit a Sunday School at a Christian Science Church in your area. Classes are open to students of all faiths up to the age of twenty.

Children and teens quickly discover that prayer can help them in their daily lives with school work, getting along with others, dealing with competition, healing sports injuries and much more.

  • They learn more about their relationship to God, and connect with other young people who want God to be a part of their life.
  • It's fun to learn about the Bible and how it relates to what's happening now.
  • Students get inspiration and ideas from Christ Jesus' teachings.
  • They enjoy being in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • They take time to think about what's important in life and where they're headed.
  • Students discover spiritual ways to view love, happiness, success, health.

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Youth Activities

March 3, 2024

Children love to learn about God.

March 4, 2024

Find inspiration to bring a new perspective to life



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Resources for Kids and Teens

Explore an inspiring collection of articles and videos for kids or teens for free. You can download the collections using the links below and subscribe to JSH-Online for additional content.

You can also subscribe to JSH-Online which gives you access to reports of healing written by kids and teens, podcasts, articles, testimonies, and more. High school students can suscribe for $5/month.


Just for kids

More inspiring kids videos can be found for free on the Christian Science Sentinel Online.
Click here to see.

Talk for teens via Zoom by Tom McElroy

Sponsored by the Christian Science Church & Sunday School in La Jolla, CA (4th Church of Christ, Scientist, San Diego) and Discovery Bound.

 For more resources, visit "Youth" on christianscience.com

Camps & Activities for Christian Scientists

Going to a Christian Science summer camp is one of the best ways for Sunday School students to meet other students of Christian Science interested in living a God-centered life.  Discover the wide range of activities offered by all six Christian Science Camps to find one that suits you the best. Camps also have programs for families and adults. Funding by each of the camps is available as well as assistance from The Campership Fund


Explore each camp's website:

Adventure Unlimited

Buena Vista, Colorado

Camp Bow-Isle

Bowen Island, British Columbia


CedarS Camps

Lebanon, Missouri


Crystal Lake Camps

Hughesville, Pennsylvania


Leelanau & Kohahna

Maple City, Michigan


Newfound & Owatonna

Harrison, Maine

Informational Camp Shows

Are you interested in attending a summer camp for Christian Scientists, but don't know which one suits you the most? Sign up for a virtual or in-person camp show to meet the Directors of each camp and learn about their programs.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network 

Rainbow Valley Resource Network (RVRN) is building a compassionate sense of community and support for Christian Scientists with developmental/special needs and their families through financial assistance, informational and inspirational resources, and experiential enrichment activities.


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You may contact these camps, schools, and Christian Science groups for more information. They operate independently of the church and this website.