Physical problems

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Arthritis pain healed

I noticed rapidly increasing pain and difficulty in bending my knees and hips. The diagnosis was arthritis which would worsen.

Blood poisoning healed

I lost control of the right side of my body and all feeling. As I prayed, I began to see that love is all there is. The healing took place through spiritual surgery.

Deadly scorpion sting healed

I was at a Texas dude ranch and felt a horrible pain in my head. There are scorpions in that area, and their bite is generally fatal.  I knew that I was not governed by material laws.

Faced with death

One night I suddenly became very ill. Soon I realized that I was losing consciousness and felt as if I were passing on.

Identity theft & painful growth healed

I had a painful growth and an identity theft problem at the same time. Prayer about spiritual identity brought healing and freedom from pain and discomfort.

Inspiration is key to healing

I've had many healings, including pneumonia, torn ligaments and a severe lisp, and they all have one common denominator - inspiration. We need to turn to God in humility and listen.

Knee and hip problem healed

I had discomfort in my knees and hips. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to use my body correctly in ballet until I developed strength.

Lower back pain healed

I've had many healings in Christian Science. Something that afflicts a lot of people is chronic back problems.

Pain quickly healed

I was in so much pain, I couldn't even think about how to approach God, and a thought came to me that broke the pain.

Poison oak harmless

Our team was play at a barranca where I had been exposed to poison oak. I decided to make a definite stand against the belief of rashes.

Skin cancer healed

I was required to have a medical examination. On seeing the condition of my nose, she forcefully pronounced that this was skin cancer.

Skin problem & discord at home healed

I had a challenging skin problem and was dealing with a dominating husband. I prayed deeply about expressing more patience and love and greater understanding.

Toenails restored

About ten years ago I tripped and stubbed some of my toes and they had been split and black ever since.


Healing resources and support


Healing Textbook. People of all faiths have been healed by reading the healing textbook. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  More  

Healers on Call.  You may call on Christian Science Practitioners for help. They devote their full time to helping others through prayer.  More

Testimonial Meetings.  You are invited to attend Wednesday evening meetings, which include testimonials of healing given by the congregation.  More