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Poison Ivy

Many times in the past I have gone through some very intense experiences with poison oak. I always seemed to make contact with it anytime I was in an outdoor environment with wild growth.

Recently, my airsoft team informed me that we were to play another team at a certain barranca where I had been exposed to poison oak before. At first I was very upset, thinking I would not be able to go, and I would let my team down. It was then that I decided to make a definite stand against the belief of rashes.

On the way to the game, I told my Dad where we were playing and he said he did not want me to go. In the past he had to completely take care of me because I would be almost entirely incapacitated. While listening to my Dad, doubt and fear began to enter my mind. I remembered past experiences and all the pain I had been in. The worst fear was missing school because I would have a lot of trouble making up two weeks of assignments.

I put these thoughts from my mind and thought about something the Christian Science practitioner had shared with me at the Adventure Unlimited Camps. In a camp speech she had said, "It does not matter where we go, but how we go." I thought about that and realized I am free to do as I please as long as I keep my thought on a spiritual level. I stuck with this and went to the game.

During the match I had lots of fun and was not inhibited in any way by seeing poison oak or worrying about it. A few days later I was up late working on a homework assignment for my government class. I was tired and felt stressed out by school. The assignment I was doing was about the election and the candidates. My parents were watching talk shows about the election in the next room and I was getting mad at the candidates, mad at my teacher for giving us this assignment, and mad at my parents for worrying about the election so much.

I subconsciously scratched my arm and felt an itchy spot. I looked at it and it appeared to be what I recognized as the beginning of another poison oak rash. The first thoughts to go through my mind were hate and annoyance, then fear. I began to visualize in my mind what my body would go through over the next few weeks and what my family would have to deal with and everything that could go wrong.

Then I decided now was the time to deal with it on a different level. I went into the living room where it was completely quiet. I began to think about different ideas from Sunday School. Having discussed some of these issues before, I calmed down considerably and truly began to relax. I went through some more ideas and one thought came to me: It does not matter what my body appears to do, it cannot affect me spiritually, and therefore cannot hurt. It was then that I realized the rash was gone and that I would not, could not, be affected by poison oak again. This entire healing took about two minutes.

Ventura, CA

Another Christian Science healing!

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