Unsightly skin growth healed


Gal. 6:7

Some time ago, I was trying to decide if I should leave my name up for election as First Reader in our Christian Science church. This position requires dedicated involvement in two weekly services for a term of three years. I felt that I was too busy to perform these duties, but I really wanted to experience being part of the 'golden thread' that winds its way through the Old and the New Testament and the intervening centuries to the platform from which modern Christian Science services are delivered to mankind.

Years earlier I had received class instruction in Christian Science, and many powerful demonstrations of healing followed. However, a small growth had appeared on my face. Each day as I was shaving I would see it, and it seemed to mock me since it grew a little each year until it had become quite apparent.  

I was reluctant to leave my name up for election to Reader because I felt I would be a poor advertisement for the effectiveness of Christian Science healing. I felt my practice of Christian Science was being mocked by this growth on my face, so I prayed to know what I should do. Two days later, the growth of fifteen years fell off, leaving no trace or scar on my face.

The thought came at that moment – God is not mocked! (Gal.6:7) No matter how I had felt humanly, God could not be mocked – the power of infinite Mind could not be stopped no matter what I believed mortally. I put my name in and was elected First Reader and spent the next three years in joyful and uplifting service.

Now you may be thinking that this is one of those fellows who never has had a doubt about anything. You would be wrong.

Years after that healing, another growth appeared on the other side of my face. It grew rapidly, and even in the light of the healing I have just recounted, I was filled with doubt. The arguments came fast and furious: you are older now - this is normal – this is worse than the first – there are other things you have not had success in healing – and on and on. In other words I had no faith that I would be healed even in the light of all the wonderful healings I had experienced of other problems, and even of the same type of problem. After a few weeks of this unproductive thinking I remembered the words that had come to me at the point of my first healing fifteen years earlier – God is not mocked. Within five days I could scarcely find the spot where the growth had been. It was completely healed.

Here is the point: I had little faith that I would be healed, but I did have a tiny understanding of the divine Principle in the statement, God is not mocked. I was healed without regard to my belief or my seeming lack of faith at that moment of weakness. I was healed by understanding a fundamental truth about God. It was a “scientific healing” in Christian Science, and now I am grateful to say that I understand, somewhat, what the founder of our church, Mary Baker Eddy, has taught us. As a byproduct of this healing, my faith has also been strengthened once again.


Santa Clarita, CA


Another Christian Science healing!

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