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SoCal testimonies of healing


Hip restored

A hip difficulty was causing severe mobility problems. I realized that I had been taking in false suggestions that we are subject to aging, frailty, and deterioration. Freedom of movement was restored through prayer.

Freed of breathing difficulty

During my grammar school years, I was confined to bed for days with asthma symptoms. I was healed, and since then I have competed in 26-mile marathons, triathlons, and other rigorous sports.

Tonsillitis overcome

For a number of years as a young adult, I had recurring tonsillitis. Finally, I challenged the false picture of sickness. And that was it. I stopped feeling that the lie was true and was healed.

Chest pressure, pain, and fear gone

While on a trip to celebrate our daughter's graduation from college, I began experiencing chest, shoulder, and neck pressure and pain. I declared that nothing had the power to take my or anyone’s joy from that day.