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Christian Science & the power of healing prayer


Skier starting down a mountain

Last winter I had a really good healing of a snowboard accident while in Big Bear, California. It was my first time snowboarding and I was taking a lesson. The instructor had us try stopping while moving backwards. I went first, sliding backwards down the hill, and my board went right over an icy patch. I fell downhill, landing hard on my back on the ice.

For a second I thought that I would never snowboard again, but realized that I could have a healing. I stood back up and felt a lot of pain, but held to the thought that I was surrounded and cared for by God and nothing could hurt me. Throughout the day my back felt better and better as my snowboarding skills got better as well. Eventually, I had completely forgotten about the fall and enjoyed the day snowboarding.

This healing also helped me with an occurrence at the Adventure Unlimited summer camp for Christian Scientists. The camp was two weeks long, and all I did every day was ride horses. My horse was one of the tallest there and was all black, and it was really fun riding him, although at times it was somewhat scary.

The last day of camp we rode in the camp rodeo. The announcer called my name for the barrels, so off I went. My horse must have been really excited because he started getting somewhat out of control. As I went around the first barrel he tried to buck me off, but I managed to stay on. I got my feet back into the stirrups and went around the second barrel. As I was going around the third barrel my horse bucked me off completely, and I landed facedown in the dirt. My teacher came to get me out of the arena, and we talked about how my horse is made in the image and likeness of God. Both of us are God’s ideas, so we cannot hurt each other.

From that moment on I started thinking of all the wonderful qualities of my horse. He always greeted me with recognition as I arrived at the corral, showing affection and companionship. He was spirited, strong, and had lots of endurance. He was also very beautiful and courageous during the long trek up the mountain.

At first, I began feeling frightened of the horses all around me waiting for their turn. I had never been like this before. It gave me a strange feeling that I didn’t like and I was determined not to put up with it. One of my counselors asked me if I wanted to continue the rodeo on a different horse or just sit out. At first I wanted to answer: "I’m never getting on a horse again!" - but then I thought of the wonderful qualities of horses and didn’t let the other bad suggestions creep in. I said I’d try a different horse without doubting my words.

I will say that it took me quite a while to be comfortable on another horse, but eventually I dropped the wrong, false thoughts and just let go of my stress. I simply trusted in God and there really was nothing more to it. God wouldn’t let any bad thing happen to his child and anything other than that was a lie. I began to feel much better and was able to go back and do the poles and keyholes, ending up with third place. I still ride horses and cannot wait until next summer, so I can ride again at camp.

Harmony (Age 13)
Ventura, CA

Another Christian Science healing!

All healings shared are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing.


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