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Free from effects of pedestrian accident

Christian Science & the power of healing prayer


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I am a lifelong Christian Scientist and as such I handle day-to-day situations differently than your average citizen. One such example occurred a number of years ago. I was taking my teenage daughter to an appointment in a nearby office building. We had parked in the parking lot and were walking to the building when I recalled that I had left some necessary paperwork in the car. I went back to the car to retrieve the paperwork and as I was walking back from the car, out of the parking lot, I suddenly heard screeching tires and before I knew it a large SUV was careening the wrong way around the corner and right toward me. 

Somehow my feet were run over and my legs hit and I ended up on the hood, but was then thrown off with the paperwork and my purse flying. Before I could even collect myself, the woman driving the SUV jumped out of her car flinging her arms and asking me what I expected her to do. All I could think was, “Wow, you should be very grateful I am a Christian Scientist. Anyone else would have an ambulance here along with the police and your insurance would go up like crazy.”

As she yelled at me, my daughter tried to collect my things.  Stunned, I quietly just told her to go on her way. I knew my daughter was supporting me in prayer and I was doing my best to try and calm myself even though I was in pain.  I felt we needed to go ahead with the appointment.  As I was wearing long pants,  my legs and feet were covered.  Nothing seemed to be broken, and I was able to walk. 

I sat quietly while my daughter went in for her appointment.  Though quite concerned, my daughter knew I was not “doing nothing”, but actively praying for my freedom from this disturbing car accident.  It seemed to take a few minutes to get a sense of calm since I had been so stunned by the woman’s behavior and also the cuts and bruising were becoming more apparent.

I knew the first thing I needed to do was forgive this woman.  I knew I had to see her in the same way Jesus would have seen and forgiven her.  I had to see her as God made her and knows her.  I also had to know that I had never for a moment been separated from God in what seemed to be a crazy accident.  I just wanted to feel comforted and hugged and in a very short while I did gain a sense of peace.  I did feel God’s ever-present love and knew I could never be out of His loving care.  When my daughter was through with her appointment I was in a much better state of mind and on my way to healing.

I cannot recall if it was that night, or the next, that I attended our church’s regular Wednesday evening testimony meeting, but I was able to express my gratitude for a very, very quick healing.  The cuts and bruises on my legs were already well on their way to complete healing and I really had freed myself from being disturbed by the woman’s harmful driving and reaction.  I had prayed to know that the experience woke her up and prevented any further harm from coming to anyone else.

A week or two later I was putting on my shoes and I exclaimed to my daughter that periodically my toe would turn black and be very painful and each time I would pray and it would go away, but I was wondering why it kept happening.  My daughter exclaimed, “Mom! That woman broke your toe when she ran over you!”

My response?  “But that never really happened.  I have been completely healed and forgiven that woman.  I have never been out of Love’s care.”  With that I was never again bothered by my toe, as I truly felt and understood those words. 

Healing is lifting thought to God.  In turning thought from fear and above the mortal picture we experience healing.   Peace is attained and our human experience becomes more harmonious.  As we understandingly turn to our loving Father-Mother God who made us in His image and likeness as stated in the Bible, in the first chapter of Genesis, we are free from limitations of time and material cause and effect.  “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good.”  (Gen. 1:31)  
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