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Love and forgiveness bring harmony to wedding

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Heart drawn in sand

My dearest friend called recently to tell me, sadly, that her husband was not going to attend her daughter's wedding. There had been regrettable e-mails passed back and forth between the bride-to-be and her step-father regarding those who had been invited to the wedding.
I began praying for my friend and her husband (who recently had become Christians), affirming that love and forgiveness would allow them to resolve this problem. I also prayed for her daughter, knowing that her wedding plans were made with right motives, and nothing should detract from this joyous occasion.
The following Sunday I arrived early for our committee prayer meeting before serving as an usher. One member shared the story of how Jesus' disciple John, spoke to a huge gathering of followers who had traveled long distances to hear his spiritual insights.  He spoke only three words: "Love one another."
With tears of joy, I knew I must share this story with my dear friend. When I returned home, she called me again and said all was well. She and her husband had decided to visit a counselor together and were told that the only "fault" was in wrong thinking. Her husband let go of all his anger and his thoughts were flooded with love. 

I told her about John's words and how I had prayed for them. My friend gasped and said that the Bible quotation of the day on her husband's iPhone had been exactly that: "Love one another."  

With unconditional love for her daughter and forgiveness in the heart of the step-father, both my friend and her husband will attend the wedding. 
Oh, and I will be there, too  ̶  full of love and gratitude. God is love.
Oxnard, CA


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