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Trials are proofs of God's care - a quote by Mary Baker Eddy

The Bible story in the book of Ruth tells how step by step God took care of the Hebrew people as they trusted in Him to lead, guide, and provide for them.  In a similar way, a recent experience of mine shows how God’s ever present Love will always meet our every need. God is love.

Several years ago, my husband, who was not a Christian Scientist, needed to be placed in a care facility because I was no longer able to care for him by myself. The many different medications he was being given were covered by his insurance, but the monthly cost of the care facility was much more than his monthly retirement check.  I prayed, “Fear not” from the Bible, and found comfort in these ideas expressed by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:   “Trials are proofs of  God’s care.” (p. 66); and, “Every trial of our faith in God makes us stronger.” (p. 410).  I also prayed with this thought: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”  (p. 494)

The care facility we chose was local, and I felt it was the right place for my husband to be.  So I arranged for him to be admitted, although I could not foresee how long I could afford the monthly payments.  I simply trusted that God would provide.  The care givers were gentle, thoughtful, compassionate and kind. They met his every need.

Not long after, I received a letter from the county where my husband had worked until he retired. The letter informed me that his monthly retirement checks had been “re-evaluated.”  Then I realized that the new amount would cover the entire monthly bill of the care facility!  Imagine my gratitude for this blessing and this provision.

We can be assured that day by day our needs are even now being met.  Oh, to just continue trusting in “our Father” who is always near, providing for us in so many loving ways. God is love.
Ventura, CA 


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