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What are the duties of Joint Media Reps from branch churches & societies?


As a joint committee, the Christian Science Joint Media Committee of Southern California is supported by the branch churches and societies in the Southern California area. The Committee facilitates and financially supports activities that most individual churches would not be able to maintain on their own, such as our Southern California phone line, English and Spanish websites, and online advertising for lectures and church services. The Committee relies on contributions from all branches and societies to fund these activities and welcomes a representative from each church and society to serve on the Committee. 

Representatives are asked to:

  • Metaphysically support the work of the Joint Media Committee (JMC) throughout the year.
  • Attend quarterly meetings of the JMC as often as possible. Meetings are currently held at 10 a.m. on Saturdays via Zoom. 
  • Report to your church board and membership on JMC activities, including the Southern California phone line, English and Spanish websites, El Heraldo radio, online advertising, lecture emails to churches, and Spanish outreach.
  • Check to see if your church is making regular contributions to the JMC.
  • Ask your board to share the quarterly JMC newsletters with members via email.
  • Invite your members to share ideas related to the current work of our Committee, and let them know we welcome their input on new avenues for reaching out to our communities.

A Board of Directors is nominated each year from the pool of representatives serving on the Committee. With this in mind, all branches and societies in Southern California receive an email each February asking them to update their representative's information. The on-going support of our branches and societies enables us to continue this joint activity.