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Summary of church contributions for Joint Media Reps reference


Branch Church/Society support of Joint Media activities

The Joint Media Committee relies on contributions from all of the Branch Churches and Societies in Southern California to fund its activities. Many churches make a discretionary monthly contribution to the CSJMCSC. This is not a per capita payment and is completely discretionary, but obviously deeply appreciated. Current contributions vary from $10 to $250 per month.

Website dues

Our Southern California joint websites, PrayerThatHeals.org and LaOracionQueSana.org serve all of the churches in Southern California. Churches are mailed an invoice each January for annual website dues to help cover website costs.  The current dues are $120 per year.

Facebook ad campaigns for lectures

The Joint Media Committee is continuing with Facebook ad campaigns for all lectures in Southern California. As soon as we are aware there is a lecture planned, Joint Media sends an email about Facebook advertising to the Clerk, Lecture Committee and Joint Media Representative at the sponsoring church. We ask that churches contribute $300 per lecture to Joint Media to help cover the cost of the ads placed by our Online Marketing Consultant, or $600 for an expanded outreach package that reaches more Facebook users. A remittance form for the Church Treasurer is attached to the email and is available here. If a church is not able to contribute, Joint Media will cover the cost. 

Recording and livestreaming lectures

For recording in-person lectures. Our PrayerThatHeals.org video team is available to “record” your in-person lecture AT NO COST to your church. It’s on a first-come-first-served basis. Email contact@prayerthatheals.org as soon as you have a speaker and date for your lecture. We will contact your lecturer and request permission to post the recording/replay on our Southern California website, PrayerThatHeals.org and on your branch church website for 90 days. The recording/replay will be available within two weeks, and your replay will have 1,000+ views. The cost for recording is paid for by PrayerThatHeals.org through grant funding. Again, there is no cost to your church.

For livestreaming in-person lectures. If PrayerThatHeals.org is scheduled to record your lecture, our video team will be available to livestream your lecture on YouTube and your church website for a fee of $400. The livestream fee is paid directly to our video team. A remittance form for your Church Treasurer will be emailed to your church, and the form is available here. The same professionals that come to the church to record your lecture will provide the technology required to livestream your lecture. It is imperative that your Internet upload speed at the lecture location is adequate. Go to https://www.speedtest.net.  Your upload speed should be a minimum of 10 Mbps, preferably 15 Mbps or more. If you include your livestream information in your Facebook and other advertising, your attendance will increase substantially, and people watching your lecture “live” on your church website will have easy access to other information on your church site.

For Web lectures – Lecturers make arrangements for livestreaming online lectures, and the church pays the lecturer’s technician.


The CS Joint Media Committee of Southern California is a California Nonprofit Corporation qualified under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, enabling the Committee to receive tax deductible contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other interested parties.