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Replay of Joint Media Rep meeting via Zoom & slide deck

Watch the entire meeting or specific topics

Watch our lively and informative one-hour Zoom meeting. There are instructions below if you want to view specific topics covered in the meeting. We are also including the slide deck so you won't have to take notes.

View slide deck - 1 slide/page

View slide deck - 2 slides/page


Topics covered in the meeting

To watch specific topics, click on "Watch on YouTube" (above). When you're on the YouTube channel, look In the description area under the video. Click on "Show more" under "View the entire meeting or specific topics," and you will see links to the specific topics. A list of the topics is also included below.


00:00 Introduction

08:56 Joint Media Services & Rep Duties

20:17 Websites

30:13 Flow Chart - Church, Joint Media & Public

31:54 Google Listings for Churches & Reading Rooms

40:29 Brainstorming Community Photo Ideas

44:55 Owning/Claiming your Google Listing

52:35 Google Search Ads

54:07 Facebook Ads for Lectures & Churches

56:17 Livestreaming Lectures on Church Websites

59:10 Youth Pages

1:00:10 YouTube Videos

1:01:05 Phone Line

1:02:16 Closing

1:03:08 Post Meeting Q&A


SUCCESS is the word to describe four in-person regional representatives’ meetings and the final Zoom meeting. Those attending were quick to share ideas and the goal of the meetings was met. Our goal was to support all of our church reps and create a stronger channel of communication between the Joint Media Committee and the churches/societies. There were many comments and questions regarding church websites, Google listings and advertising that demonstrated the heightened understanding of a representative’s role. 

Thanks to all of the churches that participated in the meetings and to all of you who are watching the replay!


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