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Home robbery stopped through prayer

Christian Science & the power of healing prayer


After celebrating Christmas with our family, we finally got into bed about 10:30 that night, forgetting to lock the door.  During the night I was awakened to the soft jingle of bells, the kind we had on the inside of our front door. When I heard whispering, I knew someone was inside our home. Immediately, I tried to wake my husband. They probably heard my urgent whispering to him, because seconds later, a voice spoke from the hallway, "Wendy, I'm so sorry." I recognized the voice.  It was Rene, a part time care giver who worked on the weekends for us. And he had a gate pass to get into our complex. 

He continued into our bedroom, and turned on the light next to me. He looked troubled and very different. Nothing he said made sense, but I could tell he was very afraid. As I looked at him, the strangest thing happened. Compassion began to well up inside me. Love filled me. As a Christian Scientist, we learn to filter out the material picture in order to see the real spiritual one. The reality was that he had been very loving, thoughtful, respectful, and honest to us. My prayer, at that moment, was for him to be comforted and feel safe again.

The police called it a home invasion robbery gone wrong. Because I woke up, it interrupted their plans. They found him about four hours later walking on the freeway. They said he was suffering from an over dose of meth and was hallucinating: meth psychosis they called it. They couldn't believe that we were not harmed and nothing was taken. How did you ever get them to leave? At the right time my husband said, "you will have to leave," and Rene said "okay." And both intruders left.

I wasn't afraid until it was all over. For days I couldn't sleep without the lights on and I kept thinking about it. Then my sister reminded me that I reported "nothing had been taken." That included my peace, my joy, my trust. I still had them. They had not been taken. It took a few more days of firmly denying any other suggestions, but the demonstration is complete. Now, I'm filled only with gratitude.

Camarillo, CA


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