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Employment and Internship Opportunities for Christian Scientists

The Mother Church Internships

University students and recent grads are invited to apply to intern at The Mother Church in 2023. The 2022 Summer Internship Program application deadline was February 7th. 

  • Gain professional experience

  • Create new friendships

  • Deepen your commitment to Christian Science.

  • Receive a $300/week living stipend, and housing (or a housing stipend) in Boston

Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corps

Young adults ages 18-30 are invited to join the CSNYSC to witness the healing work of Christian Science nursing and gain valuable professional experience. It's a 9-month time commitment with part-time and full-time paid working hours per week and housing. Learn about nonprofit management, hospitality, maintenance, and the culinary arts.  Financial education award available upon completion.

Rainbow Valley Work Experience Program

This work experience program is for special needs participants. It's in partnership with the A/U Ranches and will expand to other Christian Science organizations in the future.  More information