La Mesa Youth Activities

Youth Activities

Sunday School
10:00 a.m.

​Students up to age 20 are taught the Scriptures, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer & the Beatitudes and how to pray effectively by applying Christ Jesus' healing principles to every facet of their lives.

Sunday School classes are either in person or on Zoom.

Zoom link for Sunday School classes:

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 826 8173 9203
Passcode: 444618

Christian Science Camps

There are several camps for Christian Scientists. For information on these camps, please click on the button “Youth Camps” at the lower right of this page. These camps have programs for families and people of all ages.

If you need financial assistance to attend one of these camps, please click here for more information.

This church also has a campership fund. For more information, please email the church at

If you would like to donate to the La Mesa Church’s campership fund, please mark your donation “campership fund.”



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