La Mesa Phone & Internet

If you are unable to join us at church, you are welcome to attend via telephone or Internet.


Sunday - 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday - 7:30 p.m.
Thanksgiving Day - 10:00 a.m.

1. Telephone Access

For all services including Thanksgiving Day service.

  • Call 1-619-924-0338  
  • When prompted, enter the Conference ID number: 9 4 7 3 6 6 # 

To give a testimony via phone after the readings on Wednesday evening or Thanksgiving day

Press * 6 and begin to speak when no one is giving a testimony. Please remember that everyone online and in the Auditorium will hear all background noises when your phone is "un-muted." When you are finished giving your testimony, please press * 6 again to re-mute your phone.  

Please note: Telephone access is available 10 minutes prior to each service. You may not hear the organ during the prelude or during the singing of hymns, but you will still be "on the line."

2. Internet Access

For all services including Thanksgiving Day service

Browsers. Access is available with the following browsers:  Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Turbobridge, the host site.

Apple Devices. For any iOS (Apple) device/computer, you must use the Safari browser. Please see for more information. 

  • Go to .
  • On the Turbobridge home page, click on "Log in" located at the upper right corner of the home page.
  • Click on "Turbobridge WebCall."
  • Enter Conference ID number: 947366 - your name and email are NOT necessary.
  • Click "Call." You will then see a selection making your microphone "inaudible." Please select this to minimize background noise.
  • When the service is over, or you decide to leave the site, click "End."

To give a testimony via the Internet after the readings on Wednesday evening or Thanksgiving day

  • Click on the top row, center button (a microphone with a red line through it). Clicking will unmute your device's microphone. Then you may give your testimony.
  • When your testimony is complete, please click  the same button, which will silence your device's microphone.

Note: your computer/device must have a microphone and it must be activated; check your device's operating instructions to see how to do this.