La Mesa Services


You are always welcome
at our church services.

Sunday Services - 10:00 a.m.

8262 Allison Avenue
La Mesa, CA 91942

in our church auditorium
or join via phone or Internet

You will hear about God's deep love for each of us, His children. The sermon is from the Bible Lesson studied throughout the week by Christian Scientists around the world and read in all Christian Science Churches each Sunday. Please come to our Sunday Services to hear the Word and how to apply it to your daily life.

Sunday School for children and teens meets at the same time in the Sunday School building.





Wednesday Testimonial Meetings - 7:30 p.m.

in our church auditorium
or join via phone or Internet

You are invited to our Wednesday Evening Testimonial Meeting. Following readings from the Holy Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, attendees joining us at church or via phone or the internet share their experiences, including healings,  received through their study of the Bible and Christian Science teachings. 

Inspirational readings
from Testimonial Meetings

Read or print

To learn more about Christian Science and our Bible Lesson, visit our Christian Science Reading Room.



If you would like to donate to support the activities of our church, there are 3 ways you can do so:

  1. In person: While at church for the service, you can place your contribution in the box on the table at the back of the auditorium.

  2. You may send a check to the church payable to First Church of Christ, Scientist, at the following  address:  Clerk, 8262 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942.

  3. You can donate online through Zelle. Visit You will need to have the church name and email address given here:
    Name: First Church of Christ, Scientist, La Mesa.   

    Thank you!