Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer

A biography with documented healings


For anyone interested in healing through prayer—as a practical approach to well-being or as a topic of investigation—Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer is an incomparable resource.  It focuses on Eddy's healing work and contains all of her documented healings, which include freeing individuals from mental illness, cancer, heart ailments, blindness, deafness, and many others.  

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This biography of an influential 19th-century woman follows Mary Baker Eddy from obscurity to her enormous fame as an eminent thinker and religious leader. From her Puritan upbringing, throughout her life of compassion for others and devotion to God, you can watch her development as an insightful student of the Bible and her rediscovery and practice of healing in the name of Christ Jesus. It also tells of her work to support and spread the practice of this Bible-based healing method: writing Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; founding The Church of Christ, Scientist; teaching metaphysical healing; and founding and publishing magazines and The Christian Science Monitor—all of which continue today.

For the first time, all of her more than 300 known documented healings have been collected into one volume. Both engaging for the general reader, and thoroughly footnoted for the scholar, this amplified edition of Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer contains more than 35% new material throughout the book, the result of exhaustive research by one of the book's original authors, Robert Warneck. This engaging book offers an in-depth exploration of a remarkable woman's life—while staying focused on her extraordinary record of Christian healing.

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Reader reviews

  • "Wonderful. Filled with hope and healing." — Luke
  • "I haven't finished the book, but what I've read is very helpful. What an amazing healer. I'm learning a lot." — Stephanie
  • "This is the first I've heard about Eddy, and I'm curious to read her book Science and Health. " — BW
  • "What an incredible book! I'm familiar with Mary Baker Eddy and have read a number of biographies, but this book is full of new information about her healing work. I highly recommend it." — Katie

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