History of La Mesa Church

A Brief History of the La Mesa Church


  • Christian Science came to La Mesa in 1915, just 49 years after its discovery by Mary Baker Eddy.  
  • A small group of Christian Scientists met in a room above a (then) jewelry store near 8250 La Mesa Boulevard.
  • In 1923, the Sunday School was established with four pupils and we also opened our initial Reading Room.



  • In 1924, we were recognized as a Christian Science Society.  In 1925, the land on which the current Church complex occupies today was purchased; and in March of that year, we held  our first public lecture on Christian Science.

  • In 1926 we became First Church of Christ, Scientist, La Mesa, a branch Church of The Mother   Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. With the growth of our membership, it was decided to move our Sunday Services to the Women's Clubhouse on Third Avenue while construction took place at our Church building, to increase its size. In 1928, the Reading Room was moved to the second floor of a small office building at 8290 La Mesa Blvd.



  • Two days before Christmas, in December 1937, construction began on the Church edifice, where our Sunday School now stands. Later, in May, 1938, the  services were moved into the new building, on the west portion of the property. On February 16, 1947, our Church was  dedicated (all bills paid off) two years before it was expected!  But, by this time, services were again becoming overcrowded and the wings were expanded to accommodate 289 people. Not long after, additional rooms were added for Sunday School classes across the back of the Church.

  • In 1959, a large Estey pipe organ, originally built in the 1920s, was purchased for eventual installation in our new Auditorium. In March, 1962, construction of the Auditorium was completed and our first Church service, in our current buildings ,was held Easter Sunday, April 22, 1962. Upon completion of paying off all loans against the  Church, our church building was dedicated on  October 1, 1972.  As with the original Church building (of 1938), the debt was paid off two years early.
  • In 1966, property for establishment of our current Reading Room was purchased at 8370 La Mesa Boulevard, just across the Municipal Parking Lot from our Church. Our Reading Room opened its doors September 14, 1967. It offers a convenient place for all interested in Bible study,  reading, or simply a quiet place to pray and study. 

  • In 1996, to further expand our ecumenical outreach to San Diego's East County, our Church completed a complete refurbishment of the Church buildings, including the Reading Room, highlighted by the installation of the Pasi Organ in the Auditorium, replacing the 1959 Estey organ. This wonderful instrument has allowed for greater expression of thanks during our services through song and music, and has allowed us to host many free concerts, sharing  fellowship with surrounding communities.



  • Our Church hosts a free webcast of the Annual Meeting  of The Mother Church on the Monday following the first Sunday of June at 10:00 a.m. in our Reading Room or Sunday School. All are invited to attend. Please contact the Clerk, either by telephone (619-466-1963) or email, for details.. This is a photo taken in our Sunday School, just before the webcast of the 2014 Annual Meeting.


Visit our current church and Reading Room.