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We're glad you're here!

You are a loved and valued part of our Prayer that Heals Community, whether you've just connected with us or are a frequent visitor. 

Are you finding it difficult to get through a prayer roadblock, or are you looking for a solution to a seemingly tough problem? If so, you're not alone. Even seasoned Christian Scientist can find prayer to be challenging at times.

We've created some Prayer Tips that you may find helpful. We hope they will inspire people of all faiths to move forward in developing a meaningful relationship with God. 


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As you know, prayer is a powerful tool for positive transformation and personal development. By using these tips when you pray, you can experience a deeper sense of peace and clarity, and a closer bond with God.  "With God all things are possible. " - Christ Jesus

In this guide you will find Tips to continue a regular prayer routine.  You may download a free copy or we will email it right away so you can start praying more confidently today. 


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We will never share your email or personal information.


We are so blessed to have you in this community.  Each time you connect with us online or think about our Prayer That Heals Community, please join us in prayerfully knowing that God will meet the special needs of people of all faiths in this community.  We all love God and can be a powerful force for good in Southern California and the world.