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Prayer for government


Is there hope for functional, just, and good government to survive in nations where it has already taken root, and to spread to other countries? We’d like to highlight two recent articles, a collection, and a podcast that answer, “Yes - with the help of your prayers.”

Supporting the continuity and emergence of righteous government by grounding our efforts on a spiritual foundation can nurture politics and leadership that increasingly reflect the ideal of wholeheartedly loving God and all our neighbors.

Online articles with a healing approach

Love: the basis for a renewed democracy

Making sure your vote counts

A collection of articles on government


A Sentinel Watch podcast

Biblical solutions to government - really?

with Madelon Maupin

Governmental drama is nothing new. It goes all the way back to biblical times. And the lessons learned then can teach us a lot about what can uplift and even redeem government - and those who work for it - today.

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