LA - 100 Years of Service

History of the Committee

Our activity began in 1928, when a small group began visiting the County Hospital and the County Jail and distributing literature to road camps and Juvenile Hall. Christian Science services began in County jail in June 1934, at the request of inmates. Today we serve in one way or another at some 7 locations throughout Los Angeles County.


Purpose & Scope

Our purpose is to make the healing and regenerative spirit of Christian Science available in the Los Angeles County institutions in which we are privileged to serve, through clearance with the Sheriff’s Department and the County Probation Department. The scope if the work is tremendous. At the adult facilities weekly church services are held, and one-to-one interviews are scheduled on request.  In the juvenile camps, Sunday School type meetings are held regularly. At both activities, large quantities of Christian Science literature along with Bibles and copies of Science and Health are distributed.


 The Los Angeles County branch churches are the backbone of the Committee. These churches appoint representatives who become members of the Committee. Also, from these County-wide churches come the volunteers who become Chaplains and Workers. The financial support for the operation of the Committee also comes from the branch churches. 

The Executive Board of the Committee on Christian Science Work in Los Angeles County Institutions is elected each year from and by the representatives. The Board meets monthly and governs the activities of the Committee and it holds an Annual Meeting every year.  See the Annual Report on this site which is distributed to the Los Angeles County churches in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Annual Report


Serving Los Angeles County since 1928