1st San Diego Youth


Sunday School - 11:00 a.m.

Children and teens of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome at our Sunday School.  The first lessons are based on the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Lord’s Prayer, all from the Bible, and how these teachings apply to their lives. We expand that by providing age specific lessons for youth through college age. We try to awaken in the students their innate sense of God’s powerful and present love for them. By learning the moral and spiritual lessons of the Scriptures and understanding that God as Love always meets their every need, the students are prepared to face physical and moral challenges and heal them spiritually.

Do you know any young people who would like the opportunity to talk and think about their lives from a spiritual standpoint? If so, please bring them to our Sunday School.


For children too young for Sunday School or too young to sit through the hour-long Wednesday meeting, we provide child care. Little ones may play, snuggle with a stuffed animal, or listen to a storybook read while parents attend a Sunday morning worship service or a Wednesday evening testimony meeting.